Sailing from the Menai Straits to Loch Scavaig in 1978.

Picked up a mooring for the night just north of the road bridge (Telford's bridge)

Here it is at night.

The following day dawned cold, bright, sunny but no wind.

So I cast off the mooring and motored out of the straits.

Here are the rather expensive looking houses on the Anglesey coast.

Bangor Pier.

Passed through the Puffin Sound and then a long wait for the wind.

Eventually a perfect wind appeared and I sailed over night to the Isle of Man making landfall near Bradda Head.

I dried out well up the beach in Port Erin.

A seagull settled with great difficulty on the self stearing gear.

Sailed onwards to Peel.

Another overnight passage took me to Port Patrick Harbour.

While in Port Patrick the local lobster fishermen took me out for a day. Along the coast picking up lobster pots.

Yet another overnight passage. At daylight I was aproaching Sanda Isle (off the S.E. of the Mull of Kintyre.

Sailed up the East coast of the Mull of Kintyre and into Campbeltown.

After a few days in Campbeltown I set off round the Mull of Kintyre. I was told that it was best to stay within a stones throw of the coast to avoid the worst of the tidal races. However I didn't like the look of the rocks and so couldn't bring myself to come within a good 2 stone throws!

On reaching the Isle of Gigha a thick fog set in. Navigating the Sound of Gigha in this fog was very intricate with only echo sounder and D.R. to go on. I failed to find Ardminish and anchored for the night in the bay at the N.E. of the island. I wasn't sure where I was until the following day which dawned fine and sunny. Found myself surrounded by rocks with seals basking on them --- humans don't often come here!

Set sail further north. Looking back at the Isle of Gigha.

The Paps of Jura.

One of the numerous rocky islets in the Sound of Jura.


Set sail from Crinan. Through the Luing sound. Not much wind but the tidal races are fascinating (instead of frightening) in these conditions.

H.M.S. Torquay -- I think. It came through the Corrievechan Sound.

Sound of Luing.

Fladda Island -- more tidal races.

The Garvellachs in the distance.

The wind and tide forced me west of the island of Bel Na Hua

Garvellachs again with more tidal races.

Passing west of Inch Island.

Becalmed -- water full of jellyfish.

Anchored for the night in the North corner of Loch Spelve on the West corner of the Isle of Mull.

Sailed into the Sound of Mull. Past Ardtornish Point --

Into Loch Aileen --

Tobermory --

The ferry arriving from the mainland.

Souind of Mull,

Loch Sunart.

Loch Na Druim Buidh - entrance -

Rounding Ardnamurchan --

It shut down foggy for the passage across to the Isle of Eigg.

No visability plus magnetic anomaly it's surprising I managed to find the Isle of Eigg -- but I did!