Loch Scavaig and aproaches.


Sailing from Loch Scavaig to Portree and then back to Mallaig.

Other voyages.

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These slides were taken in 1978 - the first time I sailed to Scotland. This was the first time I re-visited Scotland since the 1960s when I used to climb in the Cuillin. In 1969 I lost the use of my legs when I broke my back in a road accident. See Paraplaegia.

This was the start of many single handed sailing adventures in the 17 foot sloop Pterodactyl on which I took hundreds of photographs.

North East corner of Isle of Eigg.

Isle Of Eigg

Mainland from Isle of Eigg. QME self stearing gear in foreground.


About halfway across looking back at the Isle of Rhum at a strange line of cloud.

Approaching the Isle of Skye in a light breeze - Loch Scavaig is straight ahead and Sgurr Na Stri (I think) immediatly right of it.

The summits of Sgurr Sgumain, Sgurr Alastair and Sgurr Tharlaic from a long way out at sea. A line of snow 400 ft below the summit.

The North Harbour on the Isle of Soay:

The old shark factory

Looking into the water.

One of the locals fishing boats

Rock and seagull at low tide.

Actually sailing into Loch Scavaig. The high Cuilin (Gars Bheinn) towering up on the left. Memories of the first time I entered this loch in 1960 walking along the cliffs on the left where I encountered a snake blocking (The common grass snake is very spectacular) the path. I boarded Ronald Macdonald's boat in Loch Scavaig and returned to Glen Brittle on this occasion (1960) but to return to 1978:

Boatload of visitors arriving in Loch Scavaig.

The landing stage at Loch Scavaig.

More people visiting Loch Scavaig. (Yacht Corrievechan)

A fog formed over night and when it cleared it gave spectacular light effects.
Rowing around the Loch at low tide provided the ingredients for a sea food cocktail -- Mussels, cockels, winkles, scallops ---

Pterodactyl anchored in Loch Scavaig.

Leaving Loch Scavaig.

Peaks in the distance are part of Sgurr A Mhaidaih, Bidean Druim Na Raav and An Castail. On examing this photograph I've just realised where I went wrong in 1961 when I was lost while soloing on An Castail in thick mist.

Sailing on to Portree and then back to Mallaig

Becalmed in the middle of nowhere. Nothing to do but take a photograph of some seaweed.

Approaching the Point of Sleat. Guillimot in the water on the right.

At this point I think I must have run out of film as there are no photos between here and Kyleakin where I waited for the tide to change while I went ashore to do some shopping and presumably purchase more film.

Here is Kyleakin Castle.

Fishing boats in Kyleakin harbour.

The car ferry leaving Kyle of Lochalsh - crossing to Skye - This has since been replaced by a bridge.

Sailing out of the Kyle of Lochalsh, past the lighthouse, where the bridge now is.

Strange volcano like thing in the background is on the Isle of RAASAY.

Looking towards Lochcarron and the southern part of the Applecross peninsular.

Looking towards the Cuillin - to the west now - some stange barges to do with the oil industry in the distance.

East coast of the Crowlin Islands.

Crowlin Harbour.

Sandstone cliffs in Crowlin Harbour.

Views, mainly of the Cuillin, while sailing from the Crowlin Islands to the southern end of Raasay.

Southern end of Raasay, I think.

Passing between Raasay and Skye. The village of the Isle of Raasay in the near distance. Skye and the Trottenish peninsula in the background.

Getting closer to the village on Raasay.

Looking back towards the Cuillin.

Looking forwards - I think that big pinnacle is the Old Man of Storr.

This boat passing me was alo making for Portree. I kept on bumping into these people all the way up the West Coast.

Portree Harbour. The Cuillin in the distance.

View east from Portree Harbour.

Portree Harbour.

Portree Harbour. The boat Marie was originally a lifeboat from the liner Brittanic - now used by a local fisherman.

After spending some time in Portree - I finally set sail back South again. Howard Doris is something to do with the oil industry.

Near disaster - The forstay became detached from the deck while sailing from Portree to the Kyle of Lochalsh. Running before a moderate North Westerly with. The force of the wind driving the sail forward was all that was holding the mast up. The sea was too lumpy for the QME self stearing gear to hold the boat on a reliable enough course to enable me to leave the helm for long enough to go up to the the bow and deal with it before the boat was likely to change course causing the mast to fall down. The self stearing gear never very reliable particularly when running down wind. My only chance was to get into the calmer seas just down wind of the rocks near the Kyle of Lochalsh lighthouse and hope the boat would stay on course long enough here to enable me to go forward an lash the forstay to the deck somehow. I did this, it worked and I carried on sailing through the Kyle. The next two photographs show the repairs that I did.

I carried on sailing into Lochalsh and found this bay near Balmacara - there used to be a youth hostel somewhere around here - I anchored here to make a slightly more permanent repair on the forstay and wait for a favourable currnet to go through KyleRae. Much to my surprise when I wiped all the seawater and cobwebs off my eyes I saw these hovercraft and millitary things on the beach -- see nest 6 pictures.

A naval vessel anchored off shore and people kept dashing around in these rubber speedboats

Eventually the tide became favorable and I weighed anchor, sailed through Kyle Rae and on to Mallaig seeing this super sunset over the distant Cuillin on the way.

At Mallaig I made a more permanent repair to the forstay.

This last picture is Mallaig harbour absolutely full of fishing vessels. I don't think it gets quite so crowded nowadays.

Other Voyages.

Sailing from Loch Scavaig to Outer Hebrides, then Mull in 1982.

Sailing from the Menai straits to Loch Scavaig in 1978.

Sailing single handed to the Azores and back in 1983.

Returning from the Isle of Skye to Weston Super Mare. Sailing from Oban to Peel (IOM).

Sailing from Peel (IOM) to Conway (North Wales).

Climbing in the Cuillin in the 60s.


Sailing from Isle of Man to Loch Scavaig in 1982.

Sailing round the British Isles 1979-1981 (Took 3 years).

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and finally...

Climbing in the Cuillin in the 1960s--

There aren't many photos of this. Most are black and white prints. Here is the only colour photo that I can find. It is of myself on an early ascent of Thunder Rib on Sgurr A Mhaidaidh, taken by the late Tony Willmott.